The following reviews are based entirely on Greg and Leigh's opinions about the movies mentioned here.

  Greg    Leigh
Movie Review
        Watchmen Long & Wierd.
        The International Seems really long, but quite good.
        Gran Torino Pretty intense.
        The Day the Earth Stood Still Lame!
        The Good Shepherd Good, but kinda long in parts.
        The Pursuit of Happyness Very Good!
        Borat Pretty funny, but oh, so wrong!
        Superman Returns First half boring; second half good.
              The Devil Wears Prada Funny.
        The Omen Boring.
        The Breakup Funny.
        Exorcism of Emily Rose Creepy.
        The 40 Year Old Virgin Funny!!!
        Wedding Crashers Funny!!!
        House of Wax Long and boring.
        Star Wars - Return of the Sith Pretty good, but long.
        The Grudge All right.
        Bourne Supremacy Good!
        Stepford Wives Cute.
        Van Helsing It's all right.
        Man on Fire Go see it!
        Kill Bill (Vol. 2) Really good.
        The Whole Ten Yards Funny.
        Along Came Polly Very funny.
        TLOTR: The Return of the King Very good.
        Stuck On You Funny.
        Elf Dorky, but very funny.
        Kill Bill (Vol.1) Really wierd!
        Cold Creek Manor Pretty good.
        Pirates of the Carribbean Not bad.
        Open Range Long, but good!
        S.W.A.T. Pretty good.
        Lara Croft: Cradle of Life Really good.
        Terminator 3 He's back!
        Charlie's Angels 2 Pretty good.
        Bruce Almighty ok
        Matrix Reloaded boring
        Bringing Down the House ok!
        Old School Sooooooooo funny!!
        How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Very funny!!
        Chicago Very musical.
        TLOTR: The Two Towers Really good.
        8 Mile Surprising.
        Star Trek Nemesis Same movie, different title.
        Ghost Ship Ok.
        My Big Fat Greek Wedding Hilarious!
        Blood Work Ok.
        The Road to Perdition Very good.
        Men In Black II Good.
        Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood Very Good!
        About a Boy Very Funny!!!
        Star Wars Better than the last one.
        Scorpion King Pretty good.
        Blade II As good as the first one.
        Resident Evil Fell asleep
        Rollerball Totally LAME!
        Mothman Prophesies Boring!
        A Beautiful Mind Really good.
        TLOTR: Fellowship of the Ring Good!
        Ocean's 11 Great!
        Corky Romano Pretty dumb.
        Spy Game Good.
        Shallow Hal Funny.
        K-PAX Really good.
        Serendipity A little cheesey, but ok.
        Mulholland Drive Art movie
        Training Day Great movie.
        The Glass House Ok.
        Rat Race Goofy - just like It's a Mad, Mad World.
        The Others Spooky; good ending!
        The Score Good ending!
        Original Sin Boobs, butts, violence; what else do ya need?
        Rush Hour 2 Super funny.
        Legally Blonde Funnier than you think.
        Planet of the Apes Those damn, dirty apes!
        America's Sweethearts Funny.
        Jurasic Park 3 Pretty good.
        Dr. Dolittle 2 Cute.
        Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Good.
        Whats The Worst That Can Happen Kinda funny.
        Evolution Funny.
        Swordfish Pretty good.
        Moulan Rouge Original, good music.
        Joe Dirt Stupid but funny.
        Bridget Jones' Diary Very Funny.
        Along Came a Spider   A good "whodunit" movie.
        Enemy at the Gate Good but Russians/Germans had English accents!
        The Mexican Funny, caper movie.
        Down to Earth Pretty funny!
        The Gift Pretty good.
        Finding Forrester Great story.
        Miss Congenialtiy Really funny.
        Traffic Edge of your seat action.
        What Women Want Amusing.
        Double Take Too stereotypical, but amusing in some parts.
        The Family Man Good story and funny!
        One Night at McCool's Kinda funny.
        Exit Wounds Typical Steven Seagal movie.
        Scary Movie 2 Funny.
        Charlie's Angels Cheezy! What you would expect.
        The Mummy Returns Boring.
        Hannibal No story, all gore.
        Cast Away Long and Tedious.
        The Pledge Not Jack's finest work. Depressing.

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