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Do you like Greg's website? Would you like your own? This page will help you decide!

Domain name: The "domain name", if still available, can be anything you want it to be. It can be your name, your pet's name, or whatever! Usually they end in ".com", but can have many other endings as well. The domain name is up to you to choose and purchase rights to. When you purchase rights to that name, it is yours for 1 to 10 years and the cost varies accordingly. See InterNIC Domain Services for more details on purchasing your own domain name (some companies will register your name for you at a cheaper rate - but there are usually strings attached - you can perform a Web search on "domain name registry" for other companies' details). All domain names are registered through the InterNIC anyway!

Web Hosting: Web hosting refers to the company that provides you with a server. This is what makes it possible to see your web pages and where the files reside. Again, which company you use and how much you pay is up to you. The terms and rates vary by company, but many companies provide discounted rates (prices range from $5 a month to $50+ a month depending on your requirements). Simply perform a Web search on "discount web hosting" and many companies will turn up. As a Webmaster, I do NOT endorse one company over another nor do I get any "rewards" for referrals, however I can help you find one that suits your needs or offer other suggestions. The only thing I need is full access to your Web Hosting account so I can upload your files and perform administrative duties.

Web Page Design: This is where I, as a Web Developer, come in. I can design the pages for you and to your specifications (within reason and with my guidance - of course). I am equipped to scan your photos, take digital photos (within Denver-metro area only), write the code, and post your pages to the Web - anything else that comes up, I can take care of at that time. How much do I charge, you ask...?

Service Price1
First 4 pages $25 per hour
Additional Page(s) $20 per hour
Scanning Photos $15 per hour
Digital Photography2 $25 per hour
Style Sheets (if req'd.) $25 per hour
Add'l Artwork $25 per hour
Add'l Maintenance $20 per hour
1Prices subject to change without notice. 2Denver-metro area only.

Prices "may" be negotiable - but I doubt it. Still interested? Contact me and we can work out the details!!

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